Denisa Tomkova is Slovak-born, Berlin-based and UK and US-educated researcher and writer. She gained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen in the UK. Between 2015- 2018, she was a member of the international research project ‘Comparing WE’s. Cosmopolitanism. Emancipation. Postcolonianity’ based at the University of Lisbon. She taught Introduction to Visual Culture class and she was a guest lecture in Performance Art Class at the University of Aberdeen. She was a Research Fellow for European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) in Berlin, between November 2019 and February 2020.


She contributed to journals such as Third Text, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Art Margins online, Camera Austria, Profil – súčasného vytvarného umenia, Kuba Paris, H-Net Shera, and Magis Iteso.​

She is a think-tank member of RomaMoMA . (Transnational, collaborative and discursive art project of the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC) and OFF-Biennale Budapest. It is a platform to envision and discuss the possible forms of a Roma museum of modern and contemporary art that will expand in time and space through a series of exhibitions, discussions, and art projects.)

She currently works as a curator for Secondary Archive project - an online platform devoted to the work of female artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Collaboration between Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation, Easttopics, Björnsonova, and MeetFactory.


Between July 2019 - May 2020, worked for the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, ERIAC.

  • Research fellow (Comprehensive mapping of Roma Tangible Heritage)

  • Curator ( Online group exhibition: Performing the Museum)

  • Consultant (Delivering key fundraising projects and completing EC and EACEA grants)

Between July 2019 - May 31, 2020, worked for Berlin Art Link, as a contributing writer, and in PR and marketing.


She gained her PhD in 2019 from the Film and Visual Culture department at the University of Aberdeen. Denisa was supervised by Prof. Amy Bryzgel (Visual Culture) and Dr. Jo Vergunst (Anthropology). 

Her thesis  'Biopolitical Art in Central-Eastern Europe. Participatory Art in the Czech-Republic, Slovakia and Poland from the 1960s up to today.' ​focuses on Biopolitical art projects. The focus of these art projects is not on physicality of body through participation as it was in performance art, but rather on life and the everyday biopolitical struggles of these participants. Biopolitical art projects are formally based on direct participation, and the involvement and engagement of a community through dialogue. However, these art projects also reveal the character and biopolitical condition under which these works are created. Hence, her thesis examined the interrelation of the biopolitical governance of the two political ideologies (communism and capitalism) dominant in the region in the last several decades. 


She was a Teaching Assistant for the Autumn Semester 2016 for the class Introduction to Visual Culture at the Film and Visual Culture Department at the University of Aberdeen, and the Guest Lecturer at the course PERFORMANCE ART at the Film and Visual Culture Department, Aberdeen University.

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