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Exhibition: 3.11 - 2.12. 2022

Slovak Institute, Budapest


What is identity and how is it shaped and influenced by its environment? How can a diasporic community shape and preserve its collective memory and how can it avoid ‘collective amnesia’ (Koleka Putuma)? Memory, the notion of belonging and the diasporic identity of the Slovak-Vietnamese community is shaped by diverse influences and experiences. Often photography facilitates the preservation of memories and serves as a reminder of distant places. However, at the same time, photography is an imperial and colonial tool.

A Vietnamese-American essayist and poet Ocean Vuong writes:

‘In Vietnamese, the word for missing someone and remembering them is the same: nhớ. Sometimes, when you ask me over the phone, Con nhớ mẹ không? I flintch, thinking you meant, Do you remember me?

I miss you more than I remember you.’


It could be used as a metaphor for reading Nguyen’s artistic practice. When growing up in a diaspora, memory is a crucial part of who you are. Her work is about experiencing a feeling of otherness and overcoming it through artistic practice that encompasses two aspects of diasporic story: missing and at the same time trying to remember the family’s history, culture and personal story. In the case of Kvet Nguyen, this story is told through photography.






How Does a Collective End? An Interview with Robert Gabris and Ľuboš Kotlár

Interview for Momus

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We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition STILL HERE at Old Town Gallery Zichy in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 12th September, 2022 at 19:00. The group exhibition featuring work of Ksenia Bilyk (UA), Peter Brandt (DK), Amir Chasson (GB/IL), Artistka Chuprynenko (UA), Maika Dieterich (DE), Petra Garajová (SK), Charmaine de Heij (NL), Jena Jang (KR), Marc Lee (CH), Agata Milizia (IT), Petra Nela Pučeková (SK), Ojo Taiye (NG), will take place until 2nd October, 2022. The exhibition is curated by the civic association päť & pól (Oleksandra Bakushina, Lucia Gamanová, Kvet Nguyen, Eva Takácsová) and Denisa Tomková.


Opening: 12.09. 2022, 19:00 

Exhibition: 13.09 - 2.10. 2022

Old Town Gallery Zichy, Ventúrska 265, Bratislava, Slovakia 

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 15:00-19:00


The exhibition will be accompanied by a supporting programme:

  • 18.09.2022 at 20:00, as part of the White Night Bratislava, performance Spiritual Container by artist Jena Jang and with participation of Ivana Marína Hollá.

  • 30.09.2022, as part of the festival Zaži Zichy, performance by singer-songwriter Artistka Chuprynenho accompanied by a public discussion on the topic of cultural inclusion with the civic association Mareena.




EEP Berlin

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