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Edited Publications

Online publication accompanying the exhibition SOMETHING IS BURNING, October 2022, Kunsthalle Bratislava

Contributors: Elio Choquette, Angela Dimitrakaki, Luki Essender, Jack Halberstam, Lara Perry, Julius Pristauz

Editor and Translation: Denisa Tomková

Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár

Online Publication for the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything, July 2022, Kunsthalle Bratislava
Contributors: Sara Ahmed, Lola Olufemi, Mikkel Krause Frantzen, Laura Amann and Aziza Harmel
Editor and Translation: Denisa Tomková
Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár
Online Publication for the exhibition of Barbara Kapusta Futures, May 2022, Kunsthalle Bratislava

Contributors: Barbara Kapusta, Jen Kratochvil, Sophie Lewis, Legacy Russell

Editor and Translation: Denisa Tomková

Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

From Dialogical Aesthetics in Eastern European Art to ‘Falling in Love’ with the Other(s), Third Text, Vol. 34, 2020, pp.481-500.


Zhu Fadong: Why Art Is Powerless to Make Social Change in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Volume 17, Number 1, January/February 2018, pp. 85-97.

July 2018 - Biopolitical Art as Socially-Engaged Art in Central-Eastern Europe in the New Millenium, PROFIL Súčasného výtvarného umenia, n. 2, 2017, Slovakia

Book Reviews


Book Review: Sociopolitical Aesthetics. Art, Crisis and Neoliberalism, for FIELD: A Journal of Socially-Engaged Art Criticism, Issue 20, Winter 2022

Book Review: Meiqin Wang: Socially Engaged Art in Contemporary China,  for Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, July/August 2020

Book Review: Klara Kemp-Welch: Networking the Bloc: Experimental Art in Eastern Europe 1965-1981,  for H-SHERA, March 2020

Book Review: Vesela Nozharova: Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary Art 1982–2015, Camera Austria 148/2019

Book Review: Ana Janevski, Roxana Marcoci, Ksenia Nouril, eds. Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology. MoMA Primary Documents Series. Durham: Duke University Press, H-SHERA, April 2019


Book Review of Marcin Moskalewicz, Wojciech Przybylski, eds. Understanding Central Europe. H-SHERA,  September 2018


Book Review of Socially Engaged Art After Socialism: Art and Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe by Izabel Galliera, ART Margins,  May 2018



 How Does a Collective End? An Interview with Robert Gabris and Ľuboš Kotlár, Momus, October 2022.

On Caring Institutions, Safe Spaces and Collaborations beyond Exhibitions: An Interview with Robert Gabris, Third Text Online. September 2022.

Emília Rigová a Petra Hanáková: Z materiálnej kultúry Rómov mamé dnes už len chabé torzo, august, August 2022.

Príbeh ukrajinského pavilónu v Benátkach a tvorba výstav ako otázka kultúrneho prežitia: Rozhovor s Mariou Lanko , FLASH ART cz, March 2022

The Story of the Ukrainian Pavilion in Venice and Exhibition-Making as a Matter of Cultural Survival: An Interview with Maria Lanko, ARTMargins Online, March 2022


Collectively Imagining the Future: An Interview with Alicja Rogalska, for Berlin Art Link, October 2020


Telling the Story of ‘Oriental Silk’: An Interview with Xiaowen Zhu, for Berlin Art Link, February 2021


On Book Publishing as the Process of Telling a Story: An Interview with Eleonoor Jap Sam, for I DO ART.DK, January 2022


Social Interaction as Survival Tactic: Lee Mingwei’s ‘Gifts and Rituals’ , for Berlin Art Link, March 2020


A Philosophy of Visualisation: An Interview with Akinbode Akinbiyi, for Berlin Art Link, January 2020


Transnational Feminism and Life in the Diaspora: An Interview with Mia Yu, for Berlin Art Link, November 2019


Art’s Potential to Challenge Racism: An Interview with Hamze Bytyci, for Berlin Art Link, October 2019


Politics of Space in the New Berlin: An Interview with Anh-Linh Ngo, for Berlin Art Link, September 2019


Towards sensual curating: An interview with Aneta Rostkowska, for Kuba Paris, August 2019


Inclusivity in Electronic Music: An Interview with DJ Violet for Berlin Art Link, August 2019


Mar 2015 Interview with a Chinese artist Zhu Fadong on issue of identity

Other Art Publications 

Open Road / Phundrado Drom: Laying Foundations for the Roma and Sinti Centre in Prague. RomaMoMA blog. September2022. 

Romani Feminism in Works of Female Roma Artists, Secondary Archive, April 2021


Questioning the Social Body: Transmediale’s ‘The Eternal Network’ Exhibition at HKW, for Berlin Art Link, February 2020


Materializing the Screen in ‘WangShui’ at Julia Stoschek Collection, October 2019, Berlin Art Link


Overcoming the Borders Within: ‘Walking Through Walls’ at Gropius Bau, October 2019, Berlin Art Link 


‘(Re)Conceptualizing Roma Resistance’ at ERIAC Berlin, September 2019, Berlin Art Link


The exhibition review of 'Heart of an Old Crocodile Exploding Over a Small Town' , for Kuba Paris, August 2019


Mar 2017   Maja Bekan’s Exhibition at the CCA in Warsaw – On whether a gallery security guard who speaks English can become an artist

June-July 2017 The series of blogs for the L'Internationale Online, about the Extreme Centre symposium organised by the Academy of Art in Cologne, Germany (18-19th April, 2017).


Sráč Sam: The Difference is in the Question, The Exhibition Catalogue, My text: Activism in CEE, Prague City Gallery, December 2017 

Apr 2017 Socially-engaged art as a global phenomenon  'Arte hecho con la gente'

Mexican journal - MAGIS

Jan 2016  The Private Nationalism Project presents art of Central-Eastern Europe


Jan 2016   Citizen K by the Czech artist collective “Ztohoven” challenges the role of identity cards


Aug 2014 Blog on the Tate Website on ARTIST ROOMS Café des Artistes events


2022 Kvet Nguyen. FOTOGRAF. upcoming

2021 Kvet Nguyen: Cultural Identity and Otherness. ejmap

2021 Sráč Sam. Secondary Archive

2021 Emília Rigová. Secondary Archive

2021 Jana Kapelová. Secondary Archive

2021 Tamara Moyzes. Secondary Archive

2021 Kristína Országhová. Secondary Archive

2021 Renáta Pintérová. Secondary Archive

2021 Kvet Nguyen. Secondary Archive

2021 Daniela Krajčová. Secondary Archive